Sing While Taking a Bath: Bluetooth Shower Head Technology

You must have had the best shower systems at your home like double shower head or rain fall shower head systems, but the new advancement in technology has passed all such shower head systems. Now you can sing while taking a bath with these new shower heads with in-built Bluetooth. These technologically advanced shower heads come with speaker systems that enable you to listen to music while you are taking a shower.

These Bluetooth shower head systems will change the previous scenario when you used to leave your bathroom door open a bit for allowing the entry of music. So, if you want to enjoy music along with your shower, these Bluetooth shower heads suit your purpose ideally.

Bluetooth Shower Head Speaker

Bluetooth Shower Head TechnologyThis shower head speaker is generally a pioneering shower system that allows you to tune your favorite song when you are bathing. The system comes with an incorporated speaker just at the inner portion of the shower head which makes it possible for us to play music. It has an option of Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile or any other MP4 device from where it plays the music.

The integrated speakers in these systems can be recharged using USB cable and has a battery life of about 7 hours when charged completely. This long battery backup of Bluetooth shower head speaker keeps it running for a relatively good time. All that you have to do is to sync your playlist from your music device and you are ready to sing while taking a bath.

Benefits of Bluetooth Shower Head

Bluetooth Shower Head TechnologyWith the advancement in technology, showering is now not limited to how effectively your shower delivers water or how convenient and comfortable it is in consideration with the amount of pressure the water is delivered. It has reached new heights with in-built Bluetooth technology that allows taking music in the shower with you. There are various features of this shower head system that make it a good upgrade option.

  • They have pushed technology even further and even enable you to take phone calls when you are bathing.
  • You can place your phone in the room without worrying about the important calls.
  • One of the primary benefits is that you can listen to music beneath your shower.
  • Bluetooth shower head system comes with a waterproof speaker for keeping music right in front of you.
  • The speakers are portable and can be used outside the shower.
  • If you want, you can use shower head without speakers.
  • It gives you endless choices in music. You can play some calm or relaxing music or dance on the party songs while you enjoy your shower.

Bluetooth Shower Head technology is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after showers in markets today. When eyeing for bathroom remodeling, it is the best option for upgrading the overall appeal of it while also making it more tech-savvy. These brilliantly designed high-quality shower heads are made to function immaculately and give your bathroom a more friendly and personal approach.

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