7 Reasons Icelanders Are Proud to Being Icelanders

Iceland is a Nordic nation that lies on the Atlantic Ocean and south-east of the Greenland region. It’s not a particularly large country as it covers 103,000 square kilometers but the native Icelanders are proud of it and here’s why:

1. The Human Rights Record

Very few countries have a record that comes close to what Iceland has achieved in terms of gay rights, gender equality, the level of democracy and freedom of expression. Human rights are cemented in the constitution of Iceland and there have been no reports of state violence and security forces are under civilian authority.

Of course, there are different human rights groups that challenge the few misgivings in the country but they are allowed to exist without any restrictions. It’s not uncommon to view protests going on without fear of government interventions through violence. The first female president in Europe was elected in Iceland.

2. Icelandic Scenery

7 Reasons Icelanders Are Proud to Being Icelanders

Iceland is a popular tourist destination mainly because of its Icelandic nature. Here the beautiful beaches are covered in silky black sands and expect to see the northern lights work their magic on the sky (provided the sky is clear). There are numerous mountains and Iceland has the biggest Bird cliff in the world known as the LatrabJarg. Other tourism attractions include the Dettifos waterfalls and Vatnajokull Glacier.

3. Sports

Iceland Handball team is the envy of many countries around the world. They won the silver medal in the 2008 Olympics, the Icelanders are so proud that the handball team received a hero’s welcome when they got back from the Olympics. Other competitive teams usually hope to avoid the handball team during knockout stages. Another sport that they are proud of is World strongest Man contest, The Icelander Jon Paul Sigmarsson has won it four times.

4. Beautiful Iceland Women

7 Reasons Icelanders Are Proud to Being IcelandersPer capita, Iceland is considered to contain the most beautiful women in the world, thanks to the four times that they have won the Miss World Competition. They were successful in 1963 (Gudrun Bjarnadottir), 1985 (Holmfridur Karlsdottir), 1988 (Linda P.) and 2005 (Unnur Bina).

5. People’s Acceptance of Refugees

Many refugees have been fleeing the deadly countries of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq thanks to terrorists and other social injustices. Iceland is among the few countries in Europe that have happily opened their borders to these refugees.

6. Movies Filmed In Iceland

Film and TV directors are ever increasingly going to Iceland to shoot movies for those iconic mountainous and snowy scenes. Not only is it cost effective, but Iceland has predictable weather compared to areas such as the North Pole thus making filming much easier. Popular movies and tv shows that have been shot in Iceland are Tomb raider, Batman Begins, Game of thrones, Hostel, Star Wars, James Bond: Die another Day, Prometheus, Thor and much more.

7. Icelandic Coast Guard

Iceland is the only known country in recent history to have recorded a significant history of the British Navy. Iceland and Britain were arguing over the Fishing in territorial waters, this was later known as The COD Wars. This led to a series of confrontations of which Iceland won each and every one. This is a piece of history that Icelanders are very proud of.

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